Ways To Get The Most Awesome Furniture From Northern Virginia Furniture Stores

Northern Virginia furniture storesA great home design is incomplete without some great furniture. Therefore, you should be making sure that you are leaving no stones unturned in getting that perfect home design for yourself. If you have not paid attention to the kind of home design benefits that you will be achieving by using amazing furniture items, it is high time that you do it now. Just go to the Northern Virginia furniture stores. Here, you will be finding such a vast variety of furniture that your selected home design will come to life. However, do you know about the ways in which you will be getting the most awesome furniture from the Northern Virginia furniture stores? Let us take a look at all these tricks below.

Getting the best furniture from the Northern Virginia furniture stores

There are a few tips and tricks that will certainly be helping you in getting the best furniture from the furniture stores of your choice. Remember, all the furniture items that are available at these stores are of a great quality and come from some of the trusted manufacturers in the field. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the stuff that you are getting. All that you need to focus on is the right variety of furniture for your home.

  • Have a clear plan in mind- before you start shopping for furniture items, you should be sure of what exactly you want to buy. You should know about the kind of home design or interior design idea that you have chosen and the type of furniture that will suit it. If you have chosen a very soft and romantic kind of home design than anything from cottage or country furniture to the old English style will work well for you. However, if you want a very grunge appeal, then industrial style furniture will suit you more.
  • Make sure that you have alternatives- it is not always possible that you will be finding the exact same kind of furniture in the Northern Virginia furniture stores. In such a condition, you should be ready with alternatives. For example, a country style décor can easily be replaced with shabby chic décor and colonial style décor can find a good (if not perfect) replacement or alternative in the English home décor. These similar but distinctive design ideas can be used together in order to create the best appeal for your home. So don’t worry about the mix n match results and dive straight in. You will be able to add more texture in your house by using such design ideas and your home will never look like an asymmetrical design concept. Everything will be quite streamlined.
  • Check the furniture- this is more about the quality of the furniture rather than the design idea. Even though all the Northern Virginia furniture stores provide you with very high quality furniture items, you should avoid taking things for granted. Of course, there are great furniture stores like the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store but you should still be checking for broken pieces, stapled joints and other such issues with the furniture. Know more about it here: www.abfwashingtondc.com

How To Get An Awesome Home Design With Furniture Stores Fayetteville NC

furniture stores Fayetteville NCAre you wondering about the kind of home designs that you must be getting for yourself? Of course, home designing does not happen every once in a while. You can only make small changes to your plan but what has been decided once will probably stay with you for a very long time. Hence, you should be making sure that you are getting some amazing home designs and also using the services of the furniture stores Fayetteville NC in order to create that perfect design for yourself. Most of us are not building a new home which means that we have to stick to the architecture that we are being provided with. Furniture can be used effectively in overcoming issues with the design of your house. Here are some ways in which you will be able to do it.

Getting the perfect home design with the furniture stores Fayetteville NC

Are you also busy thinking about the changes that can be made to your home for the most perfect home design concepts? If yes, then you should be following the tips that we have mentioned below. These will certainly be helping you out in making sure that you get the best in any case. Take a look.

  • Start by exploring your home- the first thing that you need to do is start exploring your new home and check all the places where you might want some work to be done. Sometimes, you may want an extension in your home while on the others, you might want some more room. Whatever needs you have, just write it down and see what can be done.
  • Now, you must click a picture of each of the rooms and create a floor plan for each of these rooms. This floor plan will suggest the usage of the room as well as the purpose, the character and the kind of furniture that needs to be kept there. Once set, you are all ready to build this floor plan further.
  • Now, decide the kind of furniture that needs to be kept in that room. In the floor plan, you have already decided the nature of the room. So deciding the type of furniture will be rather easy. First pay attention to the furniture and then introduce smaller objects like vases, wall hangings, paintings and even photo frames in the room to make sure that everything looks perfect.
  • Finally, go to the furniture stores Fayetteville NC and buy all the supplies that you need. Bring them in the house and arrange them as per your floor plan. You will be glad that you have such an amazing plan in your house.

Following this simple process will help you a lot in ensuring that you are getting a perfect home design that ably hides all the architectural flaws or the features in the home that you don’t really need. If you showcase the floor plan to the staff at the furniture stores Fayetteville NC, they will even be able to suggest you some more options to personalize and optimize your space. The best place for this purpose is the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store. Try them here – www.abffayetteville.com

Getting Designer Mattresses From The Mattress Stores In Wilmington SC

mattress stores in Wilmington SCHave you ever thought about the most important things that should be kept in mind while buying mattresses from the mattress stores in Wilmington SC? Could it be the size of the mattress or its comfort level? Actually, it is none. For those who like to see perfect home designs, a mattress is not just a covering for the bed or a surface to sleep on. They understand that a mattress can be one of the most important elements of their bedroom design. It does not need to be covered in bed sheets or in covers. It is something to be celebrated, especially when it comes to their amazing upholstery.

Yes, mattresses can also be used as a perfect companion for your bedroom design concept and if you are being careful, then you might even end up with some great designer mattresses that can instantly transform your bedroom. So stop thinking about matching pillows and curtains. When you have these great mattresses in your bedroom, you will hardly need any kind of accessorizing.

The beautiful designer mattress at the mattress stores in Wilmington SC

If you have ever been to the mattress stores in Wilmington SC, you must have definitely paid attention to those beautiful and colorful mattresses in a separate collection that would have certainly become a part of your mattress fantasies. These beautiful mattresses come with a number of upholstery options in terms of fabric, detailing, texture and even color. You name it and the color or pattern will be available in your mattress. If you already have a mattress and wish to make it the focal point of your room, then simply buy some attractive covers from these stores. You will be glad at the results.

These mattresses often cost a little more than your ordinary mattresses, but they will always be worth the money. They can often come with frills towards the edges and some very plush upholstery detailing as well. It would be doubling up your comfort and making you feel better than ever. All you have to do is be careful about your choices. Make sure that the designer mattress you are buying from the mattress stores in Wilmington SC really suits your needs. These mattresses can become an issue for you if you choose to change your bedroom design completely. So make sure that you don’t leave any stones unturned in giving your best shot in case of these mattresses. If there will be changes in your bedroom theme, just make sure you buy different covers and encasement for your mattresses that can match with that them.

The looks of these mattresses will instantly make you drool over them for a very long time. It is quite obvious that your mattress will become your favorite thing in your bedroom. Sleeping on a mattress that you love will always be a great feeling. So what are you waiting for? Go to www.abfwilmington.com the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store and claim your brand new designer mattress now.

The Basics Of A Modern Home Design

Modern Home DesignA modern home design is always about using space efficiently. Sure, traditional home designs were great too. However, most of these designs were about finding symmetrical designs by actually duplicating the design in both sides of the room. The modern home designs are usually asymmetrical in nature and most of them have this special ability to charm us even if they are not traditional and formal in nature. When you are creating an interior design that is liked by everyone in your house (as well as your guests) you should try to focus on using this informal kind of home design and focus on a few basics of home design that have been ruling the furniture and interior design niches these days.

These elements are known as minimalism and spaciousness. Both of them are complimentary to each other and are becoming quite important as well. In these designs you will also be finding many elements of simplicity and modernity. The modern home designs are always simple. In fact, it is their no-frills look that has made them so popular these days. You will also be finding that the furniture, the accessories and all other decorations in the rooms are quite simple and natural. The days of carvings and embellishments are gone. Secondly, you should be focusing on modernity. Again, there is no places for big and bulky items in your house. Modern houses do not need items that have been excessively upholstered or carved. You need simpler and more functional elements in the house.

When we talk about minimalism, we find that this concept is based on the fact that less can be equal to more. Spaciousness is more about using furniture items that leave more than just ‘traffic space’ in the room. When these two ideas are used together, you find houses that do not depend on furniture. You find houses that have unusually shaped, sleek, beautifully designed furniture that are smaller in scale. There is ample room for air in the room and you can even find the other elements of home design comfortably resting in their own place. Basically, when used together, minimalism and spaciousness do away with the usual clutter in the household. If this means that you will be using a single wall mural instead of 20 big photo frames, so be it. This is exactly how minimalism works.

You must never forget that modern home designs are mostly formulated for smaller living spaces. The colors of the rooms are lighter, the furniture may not always be made of solid hardwood and the decoration also never goes overboard. There is metal, rattan, bamboo and other alternative materials being used for making furniture and newer designs and concepts are entering the world of interior design. In fact, global inspirations are also being welcomed in the modern houses. This is the reason why you find themed décor in all the rooms of a modern house. If you have not had a modern home design yet, it is high time that you adopt it and feel better in a spacious house.

Harmony And Other Elements In Home Design

Elements In Home DesignAfter balance and rhythm, you must also be paying attention to a few more important points that are a part of your home design. These three elements are discussed below so that you can understand them better.


Harmony is always created in the room when all the elements placed inside it create a message or a unified appeal. For example, when we say Victorian style home, we suggest that everything from the color to the furniture of the room gives a message that it is designed as per the norms of the Victorian style housing. Rhythm is mostly about creating excitement in the room but harmony is always about binding all the elements together on a calmer plane. Harmony can be created by sticking to just one color in the design. You don’t necessarily have to focus on using a single color in the design but making sure that this color forms the basis of design is really very important. You can then go ahead and then vary the texture, the shape as well as the size of the furniture in your room.


Emphasis is the element that decides which of the elements in your home gets more attention than the others. If everything in the room is getting equal amounts of importance, then there will be nothing interesting in the room to look forward to. Therefore, creating emphasis is really important for you. You should be making sure that there are some or the other points of interest in the room that are able to catch the attention of the people who are entering your house. You should be using the architectural details of your house for this purpose. If there is nothing of that kind in your house, then you can choose to use some striking pieces of furniture for this purpose. Use unusually shaped or designed pieces or even large pieces to draw the attention of your guests.

Proportion and Scale

The last thing that you need to know about when it comes to designing a house is the proportion and scale of the elements. Scaling always helps you in making sure that you are able to follow balance, harmony and rhythm ideas in your home design. Remember, scaling is one of the most important parts of keeping furniture in your room. You cannot keep an overstuffed sofa in a very small living room just to create emphasis. Instead, you should be buying something sleeker and more contemporary with a brighter color for the right impression. There are many more things that need to be taken care of when it comes to the furniture of your room.

The furniture shall always be proportionate. You cannot keep a huge sofa with a tiny coffee table thinking that it would be looking great. It just throws your home design out of proportion. Try to make sure that the ratio of the objects that are being used in your house is perfect. The smaller items should be proportionate to the larger items and the larger items should proportionate to the whole room.

Balance And Rhythm In Home Design

Rhythm In Home DesignWhenever you are planning to get a brand new home design, your first focus is one making sure that everything looks great. Of course, we can look at magazines and expect that something good is going to happen to our homes as well. However, we also need to understand that what is mentioned in a magazine may not necessarily be the right choice for our own house. This is mainly because every house is different and has a very unique personality as well. What suits one house may never suit the other. Here are two of the most important elements that you should be keeping in mind while you are designing your house.


Balance is the most important part of home design. If there is no balance, you can expect the design to go wrong at many places. Balance is most often achieved with the help of furniture in your room. Most of the times, you will be able to find some amazing pieces of furniture for your room that will be able to help you achieve balance. You need to create a central focal point in your room which will then be used to create more balance in your home design. Always remember that you will have to check out the visual weight of all the objects that are placed in your house. In such a way, you will be able to create more balance in your room. Balance is usually of three kinds- symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial.

Symmetrical balance or formal balance is perfect for more formal and traditional spaces where there are two sides that even out each other in a way that they look neatly split from each other. If there are two identical chairs on either side of the table, if would be called symmetrically balanced. This kind of balance is often the easiest to achieve as you will be finding almost identical repetition on either side of the room. On the other hand, we have the informal or asymmetrical balance. In this kind of balanced, the visual weight of the room is balanced without duplication.

The informal balance is more interesting but more complex as well. For example, a sofa on one side of the room can be balanced by a recliner on the other side. The radial balance is the final variety of balance that is usually created by making a centralized focal point in the room and then keeping elements that are directly connected with it on all sides. This kind of balance is mostly seen in case of dining tables.


Rhythm is more about creating distinctive patterns in your house so that visual interest is created in the house. There is controlled repetition as well as contrast that makes the room look interesting to the eyes. Rhythm is mostly created so that anyone who comes to the room is able to move his eyes around the room. It helps him a lot in making sure that the visual representation is higher in the room.

The House Of Fun

Most of us are really tired of our typical home designs. This is the reason why we are making sure that you get to create a home that is fun. This is a kind of home design that will certainly be making you feel better about yourself and will be making you look forward to a trip back home. Here are some of the most important elements that will be becoming a part of your fun home design. Take a look.

  • House Of FunBurger duvet covers- there is no one is the world who does not like burgers. Why don’t you show your love for burgers in your own duvet covers? This amazing duvet covers is printed like it is a delicious and savory burger. It will certainly make you feel very relaxed and if you are a burger fan, then there is nothing that would be able to stop you from being a buyer for this cover. The bed will look like a huge burger that is delicious by all means. The only issue is that you cannot eat it.
  • The chocolate bed- this is one bed that you would not like to miss out on. It is so unique and beautiful that you will buy it as soon as you see it in furniture stores in your neighborhood. The chocolate bed is actually a single bed that is designed like a chocolate and comes with a sheet that is deigned like a chocolate wrapper. Once you get it home, you will simply need to immerse yourself in the goodness of this wonderful bed. There is really nothing more that you will have to accomplish after this bed comes to your bedroom.
  • The soccer sink- this is one design that will definitely be calling out the player hidden inside you. The soccer sink is basically designed as a full sized football that can be used as a sink in your bathroom. They look better when bought in a pair and even better when three are used together in different colors. You simply need to bring some colorful towels in the bathroom in order to match the décor that has been brought by these soccer sinks. If you are a football fan, this is one of the most fun things to have in your house.
  • The sperm sink- if the giant sperm is going to make you chuckle each time you see it, then the sperm sink is the perfect option that you should be getting for your bathroom. This innovative new design of sink is a real masterpiece and we pull our hats off to the designer. This sink is amazing and it is actually really fun to see the water roll down the entire length of the sink and then go down the drain. Awesome for some bathroom fun.

These were four of the really fun ideas that can be used in your home. Plus, they are a part of your bedroom and bathroom. So you can be rather discreet with your fun.

Coffee Tables That Will Impress Everyone

Coffee TablesWhat could be the most impressive thing in your house? Is there a piece of furniture that could be bringing out the best of your art and finesse and make your room look classier than ever? Yes, there is certainly one furniture item that is quite difficult to miss. Your guests will also be spending a lot of time looking at it. We are talking about a coffee table. Most of us simply unaware of the fact that a coffee table can be a beautiful and classy addition to our houses. The elegance that this kind of table presents showcases that nothing but a great coffee table will be saving your home design. Take a look at some of the most innovative coffee tables that we have seen in the recent times.

  • The Moss Coffee Table- this is one piece of furniture that you would not like to miss, especially if you want to make sure that you get a lot of attention from your guests. This is basically a rectangular coffee table that comes with a glass table top. However, what lies beneath the coffee table is something that will definitely be making you want more. This table brings nature inside your house and also makes sure that you get to keep your house away from all the mess of gardening. Each of these coffee tables comes with a glass tabletop from which you will be able to see the dried moss that is carefully placed on the base. There is no need to water this moss. Just enjoy the wonderful view.
  • The Fire and Ice Coffee Table- this table is perfect for the people who often like to host a get-together with their friends along with drinks. If you have a home bar or just planning to have a drink with your mates, this table will certainly be very helpful for you. You will be finding that this amazing coffee table comes with a flue less burner on one end and a beautiful ice tray like setup on the enter. Made entirely of beautiful metal, this tables comes with a beautiful matte finish. It can suit all kinds of modern home décor ideas really well. Just light up the burner while you enjoy your drinks on the rocks.
  • The Skateboard Coffee Table- we are sure that all of you enjoy skating and find it extremely wonderful to roll around town with your little skateboard. Why don’t you make those memories a part of your home design? Just get this amazing skateboard coffee table that has 8 awesome skateboards that are placed really carefully beneath a glass table top. No matter where you keep this table, you will always be loving the wonderful looks and the cute appeal of this table.

These were some of our favorite coffee tables. Why don’t you go and check out some more of these tables that can be included in your home design with ease. These work well with modern home designs. Try to find variations of these designs to match with a more traditional décor as well.

Awesome Bookshelf Ideas For Your Home

Awesome Bookshelf IdeasIt feels to amazing to be a reader. There are so many books in the world and being a reader, you are able to live as a part of them all. There is a totally different universe that you can create around yourself if you have a good collection of books. For those who love this art, there is a lot that can be accomplished. However, if you are an avid reader and want to show your love for books in an amazing bookshelf idea, then you must be following the leads that we are giving you in this post. We hope that you will certainly be inspired with the design ideas that have been presented here.

  • The Wave Bookshelf- how about getting a hanging bookshelf for you that looks like a piece of art? If you also like such kind of a masterpiece in your house, then you should definitely be opting for the wave bookshelf- it is actually a beehive style of bookshelf made of elastic but strong fabric that can be used to hold all your books with ease. This bookshelf remains hanging from the ceiling and can hold a number of books with ease. If you have a higher ceiling and a near empty space in some corner of your house, then you should be using this beautiful bookshelf. It should always be complemented with amber lights and a yellow or beige wall color. Textured wallpaper will also be a great choice in this case.
  • The Head bookshelf- this bookshelf is designed to look like a real head. The top corners and the back ends of the shelf contain this head like structure while the rest of the bookshelf provides you a social storage space for your books. The head bookshelf is available in white but you will be able to get it in almost any color that you like. You must always be using this bookshelf if you have a very large living room with at least a couple of secondary focal points so that the bookshelf can get enough coverage and attention in the room.
  • Polar Bear bookshelf- if you believe that getting figurines for bookshelves was not enough for you, you should be getting this polar bear bookshelf. Though it can be used almost anywhere in the house, it is nearly perfect for a home office or a study room. The bookshelf is shaped like a polar bear with many square storage boxes so that you can keep your own books as well as stationary at the right place and catch hold of them whenever you need.
  • The Wisdom Tree bookshelf- this is a very unique concept of bookshelves and you will certainly be appreciating the way it holds your books and looks enviably beautiful near your walls. This is not a wall mounted bookshelf. It is kept on the floor and is usually available in blazing red hue which can contrast really well if you have a white wall in the house.

The Most Creative Shelf Ideas For Your Homes

Creative Shelf IdeasAwesome homes are not created overnight. You have to put in a lot of efforts for creating them and make sure that you are putting a lot of effort in detailing as well. The lack of detailing may male any home design look bad in an instance. This is why the homeowners should be moving on their toes and making sure that each item that bring in their house is able to match with the rest of the décor as well. Today, we will be talking about some of the most creative ideas for shelves. All you have to do is find the one that suits your house the most.

  • The Pipe Shelf- this shelf is designed for the people who have minimalistic storage needs. It can be kept in the gallery or even in a bedroom. The pipe shelf looks exactly like a drainage pipe and is colored in a deep orange hue as well. This makes the pipe shelf an amazing piece to keep in your home. There is an open space to handle your books and other things. However, you can easily hang an umbrella or a rain suit in this shelf.
  • The Puzzling Box Shelf- this shelf has been designed to look like a beehive and has so many small spaces to hold your stuff that you will certainly feel quite puzzled. The puzzling box shelf is available in a variety of colors which adds to the depth as well as the appeal of this amazing shelf design. You can keep things inside the box, on the sides or even open flap directly from the front and keep things there. This wall storage item is great for keeping small things like papers, DVDs, a scarf or something similar to that.
  • The Branch Shelf- the branch shelf is designed to help you in ensuring that you get an amazing wall art + wall storage unit. The unit is suited to a gallery as well as a living room. It is shaped like a branch and is made entirely of solid wood. It is available in three colors- white, grey and chocolate brown. The brown variety is the most beautiful of them all and will suit any kind of décor theme as well. There is not a lot of storage space provided in the branch shelf. However, if you are looking for a storage shelf that is a masterpiece of art in its own right, this should be your first choice.
  • The Fold-Out Shelf- most of us get confused whether we should be introducing a beautiful mural on the wall or get some storage space in there. Huge walls often come with certain design challenges but they can easily be met with the help of this fold-out shelf. The fold –out shelf looks like a mural on the wall unless you pull out the storage units from there. You can feel very artistic and creative upon using such a furniture item in your house. So get ready for some compliments.

Awesome Bedroom Design For Your Daughter

Awesome Bedroom DesignEvery parent wants to make sure that the room of their kids looks amazing and has a wonderful theme that matches their tastes really well. You will be finding that creating bedroom design for kids is not only fun, but also quite a creative experience for the parents. It is a way in which they can relive their childhood with ease. Do you want to know about a similar bedroom that can be created for your daughter? If yes, then follow theme discussed below for a fantasy themed bedroom décor for kids. This could be the most wonderful thing you have gifted her till date.

This fantasy themed bedroom has pink walls and purplish-pink ceiling with a sunbeam texture. You will be glad to find that the color itself is very unique which makes it quite an amazing bedroom to have. As a result of this, the room will be looking amazing right from the first day. Next, you should be trying to get the castle themed closet for your daughter. This closet is amazing in many ways. First of all, it would be giving her the appearance of being a princess who is living in her castle. The next noticeable thing about this closet is that it is quite huge. There will be a full sized closet along with a couple of accessory drawers as well. Basically, all the storage needs of your child will be met here.

Get wooden flooring in the room and also make sure that she has a miniature study table and a beautifully designed chair as well. Don’t make it too fancy as her bed is going to take all the limelight here. Now, we will be focusing upon the most important piece of furniture in the room i.e. the bed. This bed is shaped like a pumpkin cart. It comes with beautiful carvings and is painted in pink as well. You will be finding wheels as well as a small set of stairs that will help your child climb up with ease and sleep in her bed. The interiors of this bed are plush pink in color and you will be finding soft upholstery everywhere. The mattress is also fairly plush for a child. Plus, there is enough space for her to keep her toys as well. As a result of this, this room looks amazing and your daughter is transported to a new fantasy world every time she enters her room.

There are very small details that can be added to make this room look amazing. You can get a wallpaper on the wall adjacent to the bed which can depict a scene of a beautiful forest. Get some led lights in place of chandelier right in the middle of the room and let them shine bright for your child whenever she needs. Also try to incorporate some cool rustic photo frames in the room that will be keeping her engaged all the while. You can keep all her soft toys in and around her bed.

Home Designing With Furniture For All Book Lovers

Home DesigningYou will find many booklovers around the globe. Some of them read casually while some others find themselves engrossed in every book they read. Every person has a different perspective when it comes to books and each of theirs perspectives must be respected as well. You will be finding that the world is full of bookshelves and other furniture items that can cater to your needs. If you want to plan an entire home design that is based on your love for books, then you should definitely be making sure that you include furniture of this kind in your house. We are not talking about bookshelves only. We are talking about the love for books. Are you ready to incorporate these elements in your house? Let us get started.

  • The READ bookshelf

This bookshelf explains itself really well. If you are a reader and you want to constantly remind yourself of what you like to do the most i.e. reading, then you should definitely be using the READ bookshelf for that purpose. You can keep your entire collection of books in this amazing bookshelf. All you have to do is just be careful about the placement of the books in this shelf. This kind of a bookshelf will look amazing in a big living room. Don’t use this if your living room is smaller or if you are short of wall space. However, in case you are not planning to get anything for your walls and have a smaller living room, then too the READ bookshelf will be of use to you. Just make sure that you are investing enough time and energy for the placement. If you have all the books of almost the same size, then this bookshelf is going to be a boon.

  • The staircase bookshelf

The staircase bookshelf is a blessing for those who have a huge collection of books but do not understand how they should be storing these books. Most of us really want to make a great place for our books to reside comfortably. The staircase bookshelf will be the perfect option for you in this case. The staircase is actually a complete set that comes with broad stairs that have small shelves in between. These shelves can be used for keeping hundreds of books at one time. Plus, whenever you climb the stairs, you will be feeling proud of your collection. This is one feeling that cannot be matched by anything else.

  • The book bed

After you enjoyed reading your books in the living room and felt proud of your collection while climbing up the stairs, it is time to sleep inside a book. Yes! The book bed is composed of a beautiful bed foundation that comes with a number of mattresses and comforters. You can easily sleep between the pages of this book and feel like you are a part of a fairytale. Nothing will feel as comfortable to sleep on as this wonderful bed as it would be depicting your favorite hobby, reading books, even when you are fast asleep.

Making Home Designs More Unique With Furniture

Making Home DesignsYour furniture is the most striking and attractive thing in your house. Therefore, if you are planning to make your house look unique and very attractive, you have to make sure that you keep such furniture in your house. In this post, we will be talking about some of the coolest and most awesome beds that you can bring in your house, especially if you identify as a geek or you have children in your house. All this furniture items get to score the top ranks when it comes quality. So why don’t you give them a try? They will certainly be providing you with an amazing night’s sleep.

  • The book bed

Do you love books? If yes, then you should be using this bunk bed in your house for sure. This should specially be useful if you had kids in your house. The bed is designed exactly like a book which comes with mattresses in place of book’s pages. You can easily turn around the pages of the book to create beautiful beds that come complete with mattresses as well as blankets. You an even store books inside this book bed on the lower end of the mattress. It can easily be shared by two people. If you want to give your children something really interesting and wish that they receive something beautiful as a bed, then the book bed should be your first choice. The size is good enough for adults as well. So if you want something like this for yourself, you can opt for that too.

  • The cabriolet bed

This bed is not new when it comes to the concept and has been very popular in the 60s. However, the design of the bed is so amazing that you will hardly be able to keep your eyes off it for a long time. This bed is really unique and you will certainly be glad that you have on in your bedroom. The cabriolet bed comes with a twist of technology as well. You will be finding a fan as well as a cigarette lighter inside this cabriolet bed along with light fittings as well. Some modern cabriolet beds can come with even more facilities and they have only become better with time. If you like to sleep inside a safe cocoon without worrying about the troubles of the world, then this bed is certainly for you.

  • Sandwich bread

A few posts ago, we talked about the hamburger bed. The sandwich bed should also be considered here as it is providing you an amazing variety of beds that can easily be used by you in order to ensure that you are getting the best of food as well as sleep. The sandwich bed comes with a beautiful design and boasts of bacon, tomatoes and even lettuce along with a few other ingredients that can clearly be seen from the outside. The bed is quite elevated but not as high as you think it is. It is really one bed that would be the dream of every foodie in the world.